Photo by Stefano Pollio / Unsplash

This tweet got me inspired:

So I tried ghost, played around a little and it looked good and easy enough. Even though I don't plan blogging much more in the near future (and if it's technical stuff, it mostly fits on the Liip Blog much better)

I imported my 910 posts from the old blog ("posts"... it's mainly pictures from my moblogging times) and when I was at it, also the 842 posts from Instagram. One should own its content after all. The ghost admin API made this easy enough with some JavaScript (which will also be useful for exporting everything, in case I want to switch again)

Then deployed the whole thing to my small private kubernetes cluster (don't ask..) and now it's live. Maybe that whole kubernetes and docker thing for this (including backups and persistence) would be a good post in the future. But for now I point you to this post:

How to run Ghost in Kubernetes
Running a Ghost blog inside Kubernetes hosted on Digital Ocean is quite simple and cheap.

The whole setup also will automatically get my latest Instagram posts, so do expect more pictures here ;) Thanks to Zapier und some custom webhook.

And of course, all pictures are stored and served at and from our

rokka is web images done right.
The rokka image converter supports you in storing your digital images – easy and neat. Whether for handling image formats, SEO attributes or the lightning fast delivery, rokka is just the right tool for your digital images.

I wrote a little Custom Storage Adapter for ghost, which automatically uploads all images uploaded through the admin or the API of ghost to rokka. I try to open source that thing soon (Addendum. Here it is:

One current missing piece is an iOS (or mobile Safari) admin backend. There are clients available for Windows, Macs, Linux and Android and of course with any web browser. But not on iOS :(

Design wise it's far from perfect, not my strong suite, but I'm not finished yet.