My MacBookPro doesn't charge anymore (the replacement adapter, which hopefully works, is in the office) and I had to write some emails, so I use my bluetooth keyboard with my Nokia N95 (and the iPod for surfing and twittering :)). That works pretty good. Too bad my soon to come iPhone doesn't support that setup (yet?)

Other things I will miss

- The SD Card slot (for sending pictures from my higher quality cams)
- Apps in the Background
- Google Latitude (and Google Maps in general, it is easier to use with the hardware keyboard than the one on the iPhone)

But in general, these are features I hardly use and I have an iPod touch since over a year now, so I know why I'm switching to the iPhone instead of eg. the N97 :) And maybe I just buy a Natel Easy Liberty Uno (what a name) for the occasional usage of some of the mentioned features above.