S., J. and I soon go on a "half around the world and back trip" to Hawaii via New York on the way there and LA on the way back (See this map for all our planned station). A good reason to give this blog a little bit of love for travel updates (and bragging, of course ;))

Since I'm a little geolocation and tracking geek, I built a small webapp which collects all my posted locations on the different "social media" services I use and then shows them where we were. In honor of a very similar  idea  I did 5 years ago, I named it "Where was I". Since it's not really meant for real time tracking, but more of a "travel book" about the last few weeks.

It hourly checks Flickr, Foursquare, Instagram, Google Latitude, Twitter and this blog for new checkins and then publishes them on http://wherewasi.chregu.tv/. To at least somehow protect my privacy, it won't show you data older than 4 weeks (it defaults to 1 week, you can change this with the drop down on top of the list).

Technically it's built on top of Silex, Symfony 2, Doctrine, jQuery and Google Maps. If you're interested in the source code, tell me and I'll see what I can do (but I guess only after my holidays).

Have fun following us (and don't get too nervous if there are not that many updates, I don't plan to be online that much)