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My little brother's 20th birthday

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Innerschweiz ...

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once more, this time directly in front of our office :)


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Liip in Blue

The FC Zurich won the Swiss Football Championship, and that's why the Liip logo on the Liip Blog appears today in "Zurich Blue"


Congrats to the team and may Tobi - our one and only true and real FCZ supporter - recover well from yesterday's party :)

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We win, the rest looses

FCZ ist meister :)
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At etoy tank

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Liip is hiring

If you don't read the Liip Blog (why don't you?) and are looking for a job (or know someone who's looking for a job), read this post :)

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Look what we got :)

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Später :)

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And Liip of course :)

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