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Enough already ...

Following Beni's idea over at, blogug's Planet Switzerland now also flags "Sponsored/Paid Content". I choose the term "Publireport" ... They will still show up, there's no option (yet) to turn them completely off.

I really got annoyed by the many many paid articles about the same companies over and over again :)

Update: If you don't want to see them at all anymore, just add ?publireport=off to your URLs (be it for RSS/Atom feeds or just the HTML page), eg: or

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Hannes Gassert @ 09.09.2007 11:10 UTC
Now if you could add an option for users just to filter away all that `spam 2.0`..?
chregu @ 09.09.2007 11:13 UTC
As I said in the blogpost:

"there's no option (yet) to turn them completely off."

But in fact, that should be easy ...
Hannes Gassert @ 09.09.2007 11:15 UTC
Eben. -> Praktikant?
chregu @ 09.09.2007 11:29 UTC
And already added the option :)
Hannes Gassert @ 09.09.2007 13:22 UTC
You should blog about that! :)
Swiss Metablog @ 09.09.2007 16:50 UTC (Trackback)
Kurz nachdem angefangen hat, Publireportagen entsprechend zu kennzeichnen, zieht Blogug nach und geht sogar noch einen Schritt weiter: Auf kann man sowohl auf der Website als auch im Feed die Publireportagen komplett ausblenden...

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