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even longer table

Still full house :)
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ebi @ 03.09.2007 18:09 UTC
Legebatterie 2.0? ;)
leo @ 05.09.2007 06:47 UTC
You don't need a longer table, you need a bigger office ;-)

We also run (temporarly) out of space the next few weeks. Fortunately we have a bit an other definition of "no space" ;-)
Maarten @ 05.09.2007 16:43 UTC
Oh my.. :-)
chregu @ 05.09.2007 17:12 UTC
That's called "cosy working atmosphere" :)

Anyway, we're working on the "enlarging the office" plan and then we can maybe host a webtuesday again :)
pat @ 07.09.2007 08:30 UTC
Die beiden Urgesteine Philipp und Silvan sitzen immer noch am selben platz.... (gehen die überhaupt nach hause oder sind Sie festgebunden ;-)
chregu @ 07.09.2007 08:33 UTC
Silvan ist doch gar ned da :)

Aber ja, immer noch am selben Platz theoretisch ...

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